Fleet Optimisation - Pool Vehicle Booking System

Our Pool Vehicle Booking System (PVBS) has been developed with our experience and knowledge in efficient fleet management over a number of years. This simple but clever system makes professional management of a fleet and its pools a reality for many organisations throughout New Zealand by providing data and reports on vehicle utilisation, internal billing and compliance and all with minimal administration for users and managers.

For a user, PVBS is a breeze to operate, logging in from anywhere they have an internet connection. Managing their pool vehicle bookings is simple and clear.

For a manager, calculating accurate usage and utilisation data is no longer a headache either. PVBS can generate reports at the push of a button in a number of formats.

Ask us about how Fleetwise and PVBS can assist with reporting on Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) - we are the experts.

You can read more detail about PVBS under our pricing plan BOOK by clicking here.


GPS Vehicle Tracking

Fleetwise will manage and make sense of all of the data that is collected by the operation of your fleet including GPS device data.

GPS is an expensive investment for a fleet. It can be beneficial for some fleets when there is a need to closely track utilisation or for safety purposes. The data that is generated from GPS devices is often extensive and hard to make use of due to its complexity and sheer volume. Fleetwise can assist with ensuring the benefit of GPS outweighs the cost by collecting and managing GPS data and creating genuinely useful exception reports with the data available.

Fleetwise treat GPS data as another source for reporting to clients in order for them to make informed decisions about their fleet. We can do so directly from the data provider or by building an API to import or integrate the data into our own systems and reporting tools. 

Often, GPS data becomes more valuable when coupled with efficient out sourced fleet management and/or our online Pool Vehicle Bookings System. Fleetwise will work with each fleet individually where required to pinpoint reporting needs and with multiple data sources (PVBS, GPS and fuelcard), richer reports can be built as a platform for essential understanding and decision making.

Again, due to our independence, Fleetwise can assist fleets with finding a suitable and cost effective GPS provider and then working with that provider to get the most out of the investment for the fleet and the client.





What people say

"Hawkes Bay District Health Board has been using PVBS, the Fleetwise Pool Vehicle Booking System for the last 5 years and we have found it well worth the monthly license fee.  Staff book vehicles for themselves and managers have access to reports with very useful information.  We can't imagine how we coped before using PVBS!"

Jane Tonga

Fleet Coordinator

Hawkes Bay DHB