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Our History

Supplying businesses with industry leading fleet management tools, insights, and services, Fleetwise is dedicated to giving you the whole picture so that you can maximise fleet efficiency. As New Zealand’s only truly independent fleet manager, you can enjoy the confidence of knowing that you’re partnering with an impartial organisation whose sole focus is on achieving the best outcomes for your business.

New Zealand owned and operated, and founded in 1995, Fleetwise has over 25 years’ experience offering innovative fleet management, pool vehicle management, and optimisation services to a range of government and commercial clients throughout New Zealand. Currently, we support over 5,000 vehicles and more than 21,000 drivers, nation-wide.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower businesses to seize control of their fleet management, while helping to minimise costs, administration hours, and wasted resources. With industry-leading software and fleet management experts at your disposal, you’ll always know where your assets are, what they’re doing, and how efficiently they’re doing it.

By taking a hands-on approach to our end-to-end solutions, we help simplify the fleet management process so that you can spend more time focusing on optimising your fleet and maximising savings, efficiency, and driver safety.

The Fleetwise Difference


Independent and Impartial

Fleetwise is not a financer, nor do we have any commercial relationships with suppliers, so our advice and solutions aren’t driven by personal gain from finance margins, rebates, or markups. Our impartiality means that we’re completely dedicated to finding the right solutions and achieving the best outcomes for you.


Focused on Fleet Optimisation and Management

We are not a vehicle leasing company and are therefore focused entirely on offering industry-leading fleet management and optimisation solutions. Our integrated fleet management and pool booking systems reduce the need to acquire more cars, minimising costs and congestion, while our decarbonisation program aids customers in reducing CO2 emissions for a future-ready fleet.


End-to-End Fleet Solutions

With a hands-on approach to fleet management, Fleetwise will manage maintenance, compliance, fuel monitoring, accidents and claims, breakdowns, and more, to keep your fleet performing at its best while leaving you more time to focus on other tasks. Every month, you’ll also receive comprehensive fleet reports that can help you identify areas for improvement.

The pool fleet management approach

A car sitting idle in the carpark represents a huge financial drain on a business. Pool vehicle management allows fleets to maximise the utilisation of vehicles and ensure that drivers always have the right car for the job, whilst eliminating the extra time and expense required to administer a shared vehicle fleet.

Plus, our Pool Vehicle Booking Software is an easy-to-use, web-based service that simplifies and automates the entire reservation process with a simple click and confirm booking system which keeps track of drivers, vehicles, and cost centres.

Key Benefits of our Pool Fleet Management Approach:

  • Minimise the amount of time cars are left sitting idle
  • Improve vehicle visibility and utilisation
  • Reduce the cost of managing a fleet
  • Search by vehicle type so you always have the right car for the job
  • Users can find and reserve vehicles, saving on administration
  • Simple click and confirm booking system automates the entire reservation process
  • Keeps track of drivers, vehicles, and cost centres
  • Real-time view of the entire fleet shows location, direction, speed, mileage, and more

Our team

We believe in a personalised approach to our services and solutions, so let us introduce you to the team who will be acting as your partners in fleet management and optimisation.

Simon Taylor

Founding Director

Ambrose Plaister


Fisher Yu

Product Lead

Nicki Apthorp

Finance Lead

Jess Wang

Customer Support Lead

Amanda Hocking

Associate, Account Manager

Melissa Ramsay

Associate, Sales and Marketing

Paige Vincent

Associate, Sales and Marketing

Anais Ryba-Edwards

Customer Support Specialist

Blaine Murphy

Accounts Specialist

Brooke Christiansen

Disposals Specialist

Sam Wilmshurst

Maintenance Specialist

Georgina Phillips

Compliance Specialist

Glenn Nepia

Vehicle Detailing Specialist

Kristy MacNeill

Compliance Specialist

Teanna Tipa

Customer Support Specialist

Quynh McLeay

Customer Support Specialist

Ivy Men

Compliance Specialist

Lou-Anna Beneteau

Office Administrator