Pool Vehicle Booking Software

Maximise Utilisation

You can be confident that you’ll never be left with a vehicle sitting idle in the carpark with our Pool Vehicle Booking Software (PVBS). Easy to use and featuring a simple, click and confirm function, this convenient car booking system automates the entire pool vehicle reservation process while keeping track of drivers, vehicles, and cost centres. PVBS helps to improve vehicle visibility and utilisation while minimising the costs and administration work often associated with managing a fleet.


Streamlined Pool Vehicle Bookings

Our Pool Vehicle Booking System automates the entire reservation process


Web-Based Service

Drivers can search vehicles and reserve them in real-time using any internet-enabled device


Easy to Use

Our car booking software’s ‘click and confirm’ function makes reservations a breeze


Fleet Sharing Capability

Allows vehicles to be shared between organisations, helping to manage peak vehicle demand without increasing your fleet

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Key Features

  • Users can book vehicles themselves in real-time, saving in administration hours compared to manual or paper-based processes

  • Automate an email-based approval workflow for bookings that meet rule-based criteria, such as overnight bookings

  • Fleet Sharing is an innovative feature that enables fleet sharing between co-located company fleets

  • Six user access options allow you to configure different levels of access for all staff, depending on their role

  • Control access to vehicle pools with user assignment

  • Rationalise the utilisation of the pool by allocating vehicles to drivers at random for each booking

  • Priority code settings can be assigned to vehicles to help ‘even out’ utilisation

  • Auto re-allocate next-up bookings to minimise disruptions when a driver is running late

  • Add custom fields to the booking form for better insight into how the vehicle will be used and who’s behind the wheel

  • View your entire fleet in real-time so you know which cars are in, which are out, and when drivers are due back

  • Automatically cancel bookings for vehicles that are not checked out within a certain timeframe to free them up for other staff

  • Send alerts to administration when a car is taken without a booking

  • Receive an email receipt with calendar attachment with every confirmed booking as proof of reservation and a reminder of when the vehicle is scheduled to be taken out

Key Integrations

Fleet Management Services

Both our in-house fleet management database and vehicle booking system are fully integrated, streamlining the entire fleet management and reservation process.

Lock Box Integration

Customised lock box solutions can be developed to meet your requirements while integrating with existing security systems.

GPS Tracking Integration

Your fleet management software can be integrated with GPS tracking for coverage across New Zealand.

This enables:

  • Automatic vehicle pick-up and drop-of via GPS geo fencing
  • Automatic odometer capture
  • Notifications of vehicles leaving without a booking
  • Automatic pool vehicle driver identification

Single Sign On

Our Pool Vehicle Booking Software can be integrated with Microsoft Azure Active Directory to automate the login process.

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How much does it cost?

Fleetwise PVBS is licensed on a per-vehicle subscription, meaning you only pay for what you need.

How do I implement the solution?

Fleetwise provides full implementation support including data migration and software training for fleet staff.

Is there a help desk if I have a problem?

Fleetwise operates a customer support desk between the hours of 8am and 5pm Mon-Fri, except for public holidays.

How will it save my fleet administrators time?

Fleetwise PVBS can automatically cancel bookings that have not been picked up, automatically reallocate bookings if a driver is running late, and send automated booking reminders and licence expiry notifications, saving on administration hours. 

What are the minimum system requirements for PVBS?

The application will run on the most recent version plus the previous version of Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari.

Can I book a vehicle on my phone?

Fleetwise PVBS is fully optimised for mobile devices, making it easy to make a booking, acknowledge a vehicle pick-up/drop-off, or send a message to your fleet administrator from your phone.

How are system updates implemented?

Fleetwise PVBS is a SaaS (Software as a Service) product that is hosted in the Cloud, which means all updates occur automatically.

Is my data secure?

Each PVBS client has their own database, hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform. Each database is isolated, so only the client's PVBS instance can access the data. Data is encrypted at rest and in transit. PVBS uses Azure's Advanced Threat Protection to detect and alert for suspicious activity.

How does PVBS prevent data loss?

The PVBS databases are backed up regularly. Full backups are taken weekly, differential backups are taken on a 12-24 hour basis, and transactional log backups are taken every 5 - 10 minutes. The databases and these backups are replicated to a paired Azure region to ensure they are rapidly recoverable in the event of a major datacentre outage or natural disaster.

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