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Fleetwise is NZ’s only independent fleet management company. We are independent of all manufacturers, funders, dealerships and ancillary service providers, ensuring we leverage the best commercial and operational solutions for our clients. 

Along with our independence, our fleet management service offering sets us apart in the marketplace. We are in the unique position of having an in-house proprietary fleet management database and vehicle booking solution which are fully integrated. Importantly, this reduces any client data management or risks associated with multiple sources of fleet information. 

Additionally, we offer a cradle-to-grave fleet management solution, which encompasses all your requirements from a vehicle’s procurement to its disposal. This ensures our clients achieve best value throughout a vehicle’s life-cycle. We stand by our solutions, experience and ability to assist our clients with all their fleet needs.







Because our buyers are happy, we provide the best return on ex-fleet vehicles to our clients

Simon Taylor  Managing Director

Simon Taylor Managing Director

Ambrose Plaister  CEO

Ambrose Plaister CEO

Mark Ruddlesden  Regional Director

Mark Ruddlesden Regional Director

Wendy Bruce  Senior Associate

Wendy Bruce Senior Associate