March 14 2024

McKay’s road to all-inclusive fleet management

Michael Tsung, McKay Group Fleet Manager, explains how McKay saves 48% in management fees – and that’s just the beginning.

For over 80 years, McKay has been a leading provider of high-quality electrical solutions in New Zealand. Over that time, the company has expanded to 11 different locations across the country, each focused on delivering the same level of service to a range of industries globally.

Up until recently, McKay had managed without a dedicated fleet manager. But, with a 180+ vehicle fleet spread out across New Zealand, there are many moving parts to manage. So, the company hired a fleet manager in the end of 2021, Michael Tsung, who spearheaded the shift to Fleetwise.

We sat down with Michael, who explained how Fleetwise has helped the company save almost 50% in management fees, access more in-depth reporting – and bring its fleet and maintenance management all under one roof.


Previous provider no longer best fit

Michael explains that when he first joined McKay, it was working with a vehicle leasing company to support its fleet management.

He says the biggest issue was that it was primarily a fleet finance company – and McKay owns 90% of its vehicles. On top of that, it lacked comprehensive maintenance tracking and reporting.

Through a colleague, he was introduced to Fleetwise – and as the saying goes, the rest is history.


Specialists in fleet maintenance

The priority for McKay was finding a fleet management company that could focus on improving and streamlining fleet maintenance. Changing providers is a big call for any business, but Michael says the Fleetwise team went above and beyond.

“It’s taken us 14 months to go live, but we’ve spent that time building a solution with Fleetwise that works for our business,” he explains.

“I really appreciate Fleetwise’s customer service and attention to detail.”


Total fleet solution leads to almost 50% cost savings

All fleet managers know that keeping accurate mileage records is critical.

Before Fleetwise, McKay relied on fuel cards to track mileage, but the data couldn’t be accessed in real-time – it all depended on how quickly the fuel company could supply billing. This lag meant the company was often working with old information.

Now the GPS tracking is integrated with Fleetwise’s vehicle management software, so McKay gets accurate odometer readings for servicing, compliance and road user charges.

What’s more, Fleetwise’s industry-qualified maintenance team helps ensure that McKay’s suppliers only carry out appropriate work on the vehicles. With branches, managers and suppliers all over the country, this service gives Michael peace of mind that any unnecessary costs are being scrutinised.

“The first vehicle we trialled, the Fleetwise maintenance management team saved us $800 – that gave me lots of confidence in the team right away,” Michael says.

McKay has also seen massive cost savings in other areas: “We’ve saved almost 48% on management fees by switching to Fleetwise.”


One card to rule them all

Previously, McKay was using multiple fuel cards – of course, each card came with its own set of fees and a physical card that drivers had to carry.

“Three different fuel cards, three brands, triple the monthly charges. And, if one card went missing, it was challenging to figure out which driver lost the card.”

Fleetwise combined all McKay’s fuel cards into a single integrated card. This cuts back significantly on card fees and gives our drivers flexibility to fuel up in their local area.


Single platform, deeper insights

McKay also has better visibility of vehicle compliance, everything from EV charges to toll charges and vehicle registrations.

While the previous provider offered a reporting portal, “it was very cumbersome and didn’t give us up-to-date reporting,” Michael says.

“One of the biggest benefits of working with Fleetwise is the monthly reporting – it has so much more detail, which gives me and our finance team enough information to forecast accurately.”

And, with one billing platform, people can access it from anywhere in the country.

“With one click, they can scroll through departments and cost centres and drill down into their expenses. It’s provided a lot more transparency and accurate reporting,” Michael adds.


“Nothing is ever too difficult”

After working as a fleet manager for many years, Michael says it’s “refreshing to work with a team that is so dedicated and detail-oriented.”

The next step will be to upgrade the company’s vehicle replacement programme – using Fleetwise’s disposal management service.

He’d recommend Fleetwise for many reasons, mainly because “nothing is ever too hard or too difficult.