July 01 2024

Streamlining Fleet Booking and Key Management with Fleetwise

As organisations move towards more efficient fleet models, it makes sense for pool vehicle booking software and key allocation to be seamlessly integrated. A high level of integration reduces administrative burden and frees up time for staff to focus on high level operational tasks.

Explore the benefits of automating key pickups/dropoffs, with Fleetwise Pool Vehicle Booking Software and KeyBank below.


Seamless Integration with Vehicle Booking Software

Seamless integration with vehicle booking software allows for a streamlined and efficient key management process. Fleetwise KeyBank can be integrated with Fleetwise PVBS (Pool Vehicle Booking Software), enabling you to open the cabinet and release vehicle keys directly from the software.

This seamless integration makes it convenient and easy for drivers to pick up and return keys. They simply access the vehicle booking software, select their booking, and the key lockbox will release the corresponding key. Managing key access directly via the application as opposed to allocating the driver a pin or booking reference, makes the solution more intuitive for drivers and secure.

Additionally, the integration provides organisations with a comprehensive overview of their pool vehicle operations. They can easily track and manage vehicle bookings, check availability, monitor late returns and generate reports for analysis and decision-making.


Enhancing Security Measures with Advanced Access Verification

Integrating advanced access verification into fleet key pick-ups and drop-offs adds an extra layer of security to vehicle access. Unauthorised vehicle access is eliminated through dual user and booking key release verification.

This duel verification function requires a driver to verify their application username and password, as well as have a active vehicle booking in the system under the same user profile. Active bookings can be centrally controlled by adding configurable limits to booking start and end times, which the key release verification checks before providing the user with vehicle access. This added layer of security ensures that only authorised personnel have access to the keys, reducing the risk of theft or misuse. 

Additionally, the advanced access verification feature provides a reliable and auditable record of key movements. This can be useful for tracking key usage, identifying any irregularities, and resolving any disputes or issues related to vehicle access.


Plug-and-Play Connectivity for Hassle-Free Operations

For remote locations, Fleetwise KeyBank offers simple plug-and-play connectivity, eliminating the need to link into your organisation's network. The key lockbox comes with an inbuilt GSM connection, for a hassle-free operation.

The plug-and-play connectivity also allows organisations to quickly and easily set up KeyBank without the need for complex network configurations. This reduces the implementation time and effort, ensuring a smooth and seamless integration into existing fleet management systems. 

Importantly, the inbuilt GSM connection allows Fleetwise to provide remote lockbox monitoring and support, ensuring efficient troubleshooting and issue resolution. 


Intuitive Key Allocation with LED Guidance

Fleetwise KeyBank facilitates key allocation through LED guidance, making it easy for drivers to pick-up and return keys. The lockbox is equipped with LED lighting that directs drivers to the correct key slot, ensuring a smooth and efficient key retrieval process.

The LED guidance system eliminates the chances of driver confusion or error when picking up or returning keys. The bright and visible LED lights indicate the specific slot where the key is located, guiding the driver to the correct slot and preventing any mix-ups or delays.

This feature is especially useful in organisations with a large number of pool vehicles or with groups of pool vehicles at multiple locations. It saves time by reducing the search and identification process for the correct key, allowing drivers to quickly retrieve or return keys and get on the road faster.